Hotel & SPA Rusałka

Tourist attractions

Białe Lake near Włodawa is one of the biggest lakes in the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District. The water is very clean here and you can get to the lake from any side. The great location and unique local climate make the visitors feel wonderful. There are more lakes near Białe, e.g. Czarne, Rogóżne, Lipiniec…

In the holiday season we have an open-air cinema and a funfair, apart from that, when staying in our hotel, you can have interesting trips and visit:

  • Włodawa – the town of three cultures and religions, with a baroque church and monastery complex dating back to XVIII century, an Orthodox church from XIX century and a past sunagogue complex from XVIII century – a present home of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District, and the Czworobok – the main square
  • Adampol – the Zamoyski family hunting palace
  • The Sobiborski Lanscape Park with forest lakes and nature reservea : Orchowe, Żółwiowe Błota, Małoziemce, Trzy Jeziora lakes
  • the picturesque Bug River – marking the state border between Poland and Ukraine and Bielorussia
  • The Poleski National Park with fragments of tundra forest and The Nature Museum in Załucze Stare
  • Chełm – a city of many historical buildings and unique undeground chalk passages
  • the Orthodox church and monastey complex in Jabłeczna
  • The J.I. Kraszewski Museum in Romanów
  • the site of a former concentration camp and the Memorial House in Sobibór

We organize:

Meeting the expectations of our guests we are doing our best to fill their free time by organizing the following forms of active realxation:

  • yacht cruises
  • picking up mushrooms
  • walking trips
  • cycling
  • sledge rides
  • horse riding trips
  • discos
  • bonfires with roasting a whole pig
  • hunting
  • reunions


Investment grant for the development of the Centre for Training and Resort, „Rusałka”

Please be advised that under the Regional Operational Programme of Lublin for the years 2007 - 2013 we received an investment subsidy for the project: Rozbudowa Ośrodka Szkoleniowo-Wypoczynkowego „Rusałka” o część pensjonatową.

The grant was awarded under the Priority Axis 1 Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Measure 1.5 Investment subsidies in the field of tourism and 85% comes from the European Regional Development Fund and 15% of the State Budget.

The project, which implementation will end in September 2010, a new 3-storey hotel part with a part of recreation and SPA & Wellness area will be landscaped around the Center.

When the project Training and Recreation Center „Rusałka” had be 98 beds in standard three-star hotel, and our offer will extend to the spa treatments performed in a modern resort spa & wellness, and regenerative packages (accommodation in a boarding house three-star hotel, meals, selected spa treatments, classes and recreation movement).

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